"I started working with Steve a couple of years ago. After battling with a binge eating disorder, fasting for days on end, and an addiction to cleanses, I had almost lost all hope. I was at a point where I had damaged my digestive system to a point of no return. Nothing was properly being digested, and when I say nothing, I mean absolutely nothing at all. I felt physically awful, and emotionally drained. I was so confused, you see, I had been a vegan for 10 years, and by the end of those 10 years, I looked so much older than my age, my hair was falling out at a rapid rate, and my bones and joints ached. I blamed it on the fact that I've had given life to my 3 wonderful children; so what else was I to expect? This is the norm right? Well it turns out that it is not the norm, and you have the power to change how you feel with absolutely every bite. As an over thinker, I had seen a couple of doctors, and health coaches to help me get back on track to some form of normalcy. However, it was all the same experience: here's a meal plan, it's going to be $200... ok bye. So nothing felt quite right, and we weren't getting down to the core of the problem. I would stick to it for a couple of days and revert back to the same destructive patterns immediately. I finally came across Steve's Instagram business page, and something about it felt so right, I felt peace, joy, and I instantlyknew this was the help I had been praying for. I remember the first time Steve and I spoke over the phone. I had told him of all these options I had,  but they all included some form of disadvantage; a risk of potentially harming my gut even further,  way too many supplements, and ultimately not feeling quite right. Steve said, "... you have to pick one and stick to it." That made all the difference, because Steve, well he allowed me to tap into my own intuition and encouraged me to listen for myself. He's never ever told me what to do. He has guided me with so much knowledge, but knowledge can only take you so far; Steve is truly gifted. He is extremely in tuned with his intuition and higher self, he allows himself to be led by this light to truly bring forth healing and help to those who truly desire physical health, vibrancy, and overall wellbeing. Steve allowed me to see that health is not simply about what I eat, it's so much more. Working with Steve has helped me healed myself in ways I never thought possible. I no longer have an eating disorder. The relationship I have with myself has blossomed into something beautiful.  Consequently, my relationship with food, along with my other relationships have followed. I finally love the skin I am in, and it can only get better." - Elizabeth

"I came across Steve at a difficult time in my life. Up until that point I had exhausted all other paths for answers as to why I was feeling so tired, why I was having skin problems and why I was still struggling to get my menstrual cycle on track. I needed answers and help and that’s exactly what Steve gave me. He looked at me as an individual, he didn’t have a one fix for all nor did he want a quick fix either. He wanted to get to the route of why I had my issues and make sure the healing process had long term benefits for me. He sat with me and one by one we tackled each variable. He healed me from the inside out and I genuinely feel like a new person because of him. I call him my mentor in life as he has helped me in so many ways! THANK YOU! “ - Patricia

"I went to Steve looking for a clean diet, instead I got an education and a much deeper understanding on how to take care of my body.  The holistic approach has changed mine and my family’s life.  His guidance has provided me with the tools and mindset to lead a healthy lifestyle that I never imagined could be so simple.  I have never felt better and am grateful for this invaluable knowledge."  - Jason

"Steve, I can't thank you enough! I mean how is it that you are able to help me on such a deep, personal level being so far away? You don't say much at all, that's the funny thing, and yet you've touch my life in ways that I'm not sure you yourself will ever know. All the experiences I've had with you have left me at a loss for words.”  - Elizabeth

"Working with Steve was a very positive and pleasurable experience. He is quite knowledgeable and was quick to zero in on my personal profile and needs. He is a great resource for nutritional counseling!" - Maria

"The best way to sum everything up would be to say that Steve's knowledge begins where the knowledge of others peak. He isn't your typical coach who offers you the same cookie cutter advice as everyone else. As someone who has been researching health and wellness for over 10 years and trying many different things, the few simple suggestions and tweaks he has given me has made a world of difference. The breadth and depth of his knowledge is simply astounding, and it is this perspective that makes all the difference. I would highly recommend Steve without hesitation!" - Alan